1. prelude

    many little lords and ladies again. apple pie. and shit if it ain't pdex.

  2. amy: the last werewolf. glen duncan.

    1. verdict: +
    2. review:

      "how much sex is there?" "a little." amy's favorite thing about this
      book was the author cover. it's about the last werewolf. there's a
      couple of factions, one of which is vampires. (jen looks at the author
      photo: "it's an autobiography!" ed.: i'm sure that's what he'd love
      you to think.) anyway something about some virus that is killing lady
      werewolves even though lycanthropy is already basically like a virus
      or whatever. werewolves don't really have doctors or scientists or
      whatever (surprisingly), so it's a problem. dude wouldn't really have
      minded just being killed, but he rallied. anyway, there's another one
      of these books, but amy won't be reading it.

  3. chris: american elsewhere. robert jackson bennett.

    1. verdict: meh.
    2. review:

      seems like the dude has written mostly horror before, but this is more
      sf. woman inherits a house in new mexico from her estranged
      father. the house is in a town that doesn't really exist or whatever,
      so she finds it somehow or whatever, and it turns out it's attached to
      some decommissioned national lab. everyone's scared, nobody goes into
      the woods, namsayn? yeah. it's like that. it turns out many of the
      residents of the town are... "aliens?" "clones?" "fembots?" FROM
      ANOTHER DIMENSION. hijinks ensue. the first two-thirds are really
      good, but once it becomes clear what these beings are, it sort of
      falls apart. adam says it sounds a lot like one of the books in the
      dark tower.

  4. chad: the wild road. gabriel king.

    1. verdict: +
    2. review:

      recommended to all lovers of animal fantasy. "which is all of us a
      little bit, probably." so very true! you know, it's about cats. an
      escapee and some strays. the main cat is tasked with a supernatural
      cat-god to do something so the king and queen of cats can give birth
      to the golden cat. there is tension involving an evil alchemist who
      turns out to be isaac newton, who is so very obviously gargamel. the
      writing is very good. "it's like if you wanted to write a story about
      schizophrenic hobos and their imagined life, but instead you wrote it
      about cats."

  5. chad: the night circus. erin morgenstern.

    1. verdict: +
    2. review:

      a light romantic mystery circus. it's black and white. it's sort of a
      retro art-deco-y fantasy mystery thing. it starts out pretty good,
      it's sort of mysteriousy. it's pretty good. there's the girl in the
      circus and the guy who's running the circus from the outside and then
      they fall in love and her dad is a magicion and he's an orphan and you
      know everyone loves the circus. bunch of victorian steampunk
      ravers. "you know, it's cool, it's cute." they try to do too much
      explaining in the end, but it's fine. there's no good dialogue at all,
      the dialogue is a total low point.

  6. pdex: echo. terry moore.

    1. verdict: +
    2. review:

      a woman who has an encounter with an advanced piece of technology
      which was being developed by another woman who through plot devices
      was blown up. a liquid metal supersuit is involved. anyway an
      unwilling superhero is born, maybe? something. anyway the dead woman,
      the suit has her brainwaves in it. spies and assassins. for science
      slash america, gotta save the world. lady scientists and supersuits,
      it's a fun romp.

  7. chris: the divinity student. michael cisco.

    1. verdict: +
    2. review:

      from the 80s or 90s i think. i think chad would really enjoy it. shit,
      copyright 1999. not 80s at all, is it? this is a reissue with a sweet
      cover. "it feels like el topo as a book. it's that level of
      weirdness." the main character has no name and it starts with him
      dying. he's struck by lightning on a mountaintop, but very luckily is
      later stuffed full of paper and revived. he has to get a job as a word
      finder in san beneficio, it's his mission. more things happen. there's
      a lot of action with formaldehyde. he befriends a butcher. it's very
      short and very dense. "it's not always exactly what i want to read."
      but he'd read other stuff by him.

  8. adam: saga, vols. 1 and 2. brian k vaughan and fiona staples.

    1. verdict: ++
    2. review:

      the last thing was swamp thing, wanted to kinda get into something
      graphic but just couldn't do it. this is the thing he was
      wanting. really really great. super solid. almost tempted to subscribe
      to the monthly.

  9. chad: a clash of kings. george r r martin.

    1. verdict: meh.
    2. review:

      "i prefer the tv show."

  10. that's all, folks!